Who we are

MATI Jerusalem Business Development Center is a leading Jerusalem nonprofit organization. Established in 1991, it has continuously helped the citizens of Jerusalem achieve financial independence by supporting the development of small and medium-sized businesses and the advancement of existing ones. The organization is also at the vanguard of job creation in Jerusalem, driving local growth and social equity by providing solutions to societal immobility and unemployment.

Who we serve

MATI Jerusalem drives economic growth and social equity throughout Jerusalem by helping thousands - men and women, Jews and Arabs, secular and religious - acquire the skills and know-how to successfully build small-to-medium-sized businesses, and thereby gain economic independence for themselves and for their families. Our efforts include:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship in the Ultra-Orthodox community
  • Accelerating business development for women business owners
  • Advancing computer skills through MATI Digital
  • Boosting youth in East Jerusalem
  • Mentoring new immigrants through Better Together – Mati’s International Mentoring Program
  • Launching Jerusalem’s first Accelerator for Environmental Enterprises

Learn about MATI's effort at the vanguard of job creation in Jerusalem

In 2020, while facing the challenge of the pandemic, MATI did not close its doors for even a single day. Over the course of the past year, MATI helped provide:

5250business owners with consultation and assistance
120new startups with the capability to open their business
814enterprises with crisis-adapted business plans
45000000loan processing facilitation
4900hours of personal business consultation offerings
165business training sessions
266workshops for new immigrants
1200businesses with rescue from bankruptcy

Our success stories – Persevering in a complex city during a perilous year

How your donation helps MATI support Jerusalem

    • 54% of every dollar goes to training activities and projects54%
    • 34% of every dollar goes to providing business building consultation34%
    • 12% of every dollar goes to administration and equipment12%

Looking ahead one small business at the time

On behalf of business owners and newly-minted entrepreneurs throughout Jerusalem, thank you for choosing to support the economic development of this city during this past di˜cult year. You helped us develop business resilience during an unusually di˜cult period. We could not have done it without you.
With your help, in 2021 we can

  • Help more businesses emerge from the crisis
  • Offer many more much-needed mentoring hours
  • Help more jobless people reintegrate into the workforce
  • Help more businesses understand how to succeed in the digital marketplace

With every $1,000, MATI creates a new job in Jerusalem!

MATI Jerusalem plays an unparalleled role in making Jerusalem a better place to live and work in. But we can not do it alone. Your support allows us to reach every corner of every community in this complex city. We hope you choose to join us on this mission.